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Openwide International


  • Creative Concept and Development
  • Economic Modelling
  • Design Programming
  • Operational Design and Consultancy
  • Qualitative Marketing Analysis

A team of international specialists and partners who have been responsible for the management and development of many of the world’s leading attractions from Florida to the UK.

Alongside our US Partners at Apogee Attractions, we can offer one of the world’s most experienced and dedicated teams for theme parks and visitor attraction design and development.

Adventure Sports Attractions | Design, development & operation

Bringing the great outdoors indoors

Openwide developed, own and operate the UK’s first all weather multi-activity adventure sports themed attraction in the UK, including the world’s first pier to beach zip line at

New operational procedures, based on visitor attraction principals, and agreed with manufacturers and industry bodies, allow us to optimize capacities, throughput and accessibility, expanding the base outdoor market into all core attraction segments and flattening out seasonality all year round.

We offer a full range of design, development and operational services to other operators to benefit from our experience and understanding of the emerging adventure sports attraction industry.